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Step 1
Score the chestnuts; make sure you cut thru the outer shell or husk. Use a knife or chestnut snips.

Scoring chestnuts with chestnut snips
Chestnuts roasted in pan

Step 3
Chestnuts are ready when the outer husk has started to burn and open to reveal the creamy sweet chestnut. When cooked remove the chestnuts from the pan and wrap them in a tea towel to sweat for a few minutes. 

Step 4
Squeeze the chestnuts and peel while hot.

Step 2
Chestnuts need an intense blast of heat, preferably flame contact. For the best result use a chestnut roasting pan with a saucepan lid over flame, either gas or open fire.

Peeling roasted chestnut
Roasted chestnuts

Step 5
Enjoy roasted with a glass of wine or try one of our favourite recipes.

Make sure you read our chestnut roasting tips.

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