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Chestnuts, like apples, are available in almost infinite varieties (cultivars). There are more than a thousand documented cultivars worldwide. Each variety has different characteristics. At Growlers Creek Grove we grow varieties that are recognised by the industry for their superior peeling, taste and storage qualities. We also care for one of the oldest stands of chestnut trees in Australia. While these trees don't produce the large nuts that are keenly sought by growers and fetch higher prices, the best of them do produce nuts that are arguably better than many commercially recognised varieties. All of the chestnuts at Growlers Creek Grove are certified organic.

Heritage Varieties:
Exclusive to Growlers Creek Grove, these varieties come from our historic trees.

Ruby Tuesday

Planted c.1874. This nut is so good we have grafted it onto other trees. Full flavoured ‘marone’ style nut. Attractive sweet, creamy, easy peeling.

Available late April



Planted c.1874. These nuts are off the largest tree in our grove. Shiny medium to standard nut that is easy to peel, flavoursome and great roasted.

Available late April



Planted c.1912.  A late season nut that is great roasted. Easy peeling. Deliciously creamy with a hint of caramel.

Available mid-May

Chestnuts in burr

Commercial Varieties:

Bouche de Bétizac

French variety named in 1962. A large early season nut, sweet flavour, easy to peel

Available early April


De Coppi Marone

Considered by the industry to be the best roasting nut. Easy to peel with a rich sweet flavour

Available mid-April


Purtons Pride

Sweet, easy to peel. Great roasted, boiled or steamed. Versatile all-purpose nut

Available mid-April

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